Sexuality after childbirth: everything you need to know for a peaceful return to intimacy

Between diapers and sleepless nights, resuming sexual intercourse after childbirth is a delicate moment for many couples. But when can you start over? What are the biggest obstacles? And how to deal with them? In this article we answer the most common doubts and questions of new parents, debunking (finally) a super taboo related to postpartum sexuality! 

When is the right time to resume sex life? 

There is no universal answer, but in general it is recommended to wait at least 4-6 weeks after giving birth to allow the body to recover properly. 

However, it is important to consider that recovery time varies according to the type of birth and the individual conditions of each woman. 

Cuddles and small effusions can help you find intimacy while waiting to resume complete relationships. But - as always - the most important thing is to listen to your body and communicate openly with your partner! 

Look at your body with love (again) 

After giving birth, many women feel insecure about their bodies due to changes in their bodies, such as loss of muscle tone in the pelvic area or the appearance of the vagina. In this phase it is common to look in the mirror and no longer recognize yourself. But we must not forget that the body has changed because it has just performed an extraordinary feat! Let's look at it with love, let's take care of it and give time to time. Maybe let's help him recover with some exercise. 

Mother figure and sex: a taboo to dispel

Messages arriving from the outside seem to tell us otherwise, but motherhood does not erase a woman's sexual sphere. 

Society has accustomed us to a stereotyped image of the mother: a busy, tired woman dedicated to her family who seems to have no time (and no right) for pleasure and a fulfilling sex life. But being a parent doesn't mean giving up your privacy, and being a mother doesn't mean giving up your pleasure, be it as a couple or alone. 

No doubt the perception of one's body as that of a "mother" can affect sexual desire, especially when associated with factors such as breastfeeding (which further reduces libido), but it is essential to face and dispel this taboo, freeing and reclaiming the sexuality of all mothers. 

Rediscovering intimacy: the role of the couple in recovering desire 

We will never get tired of saying it: communication and sharing between partners are fundamental aspects for the intimacy of a couple. 

In addition to sincere and open communication - respecting the timing and sensitivity of both partners - it is important to carve out time to experiment with new solutions such as sexting, erotic games or toys. Look for new inspirations, but always without forcing or feeling guilty. And if the desire just doesn't come back, turning to specialists such as a counselor, a psychologist or a sexologist allows you to better face all the challenges of this delicate moment. 

In conclusion, resuming sexual relations after childbirth may seem complicated, but with patience, love, and the right timing, it is possible to rediscover pleasure and rekindle passion! 

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