Control condoms: safety and quality of products. Let’s be clear

For more than 40 years we have been developing products of the highest quality and safety, thanks to constant and careful research and development. 

Tested and certified Control condoms 

All Control condoms have been tested and certified with the CE 2797 mark, they comply with the European regulation on medical devices 93/42/EEC and with the international standard ISO 4074:2015 for latex condoms. 

But what exactly does it mean to guarantee the quality and safety of a condom? It means subjecting all our products and factories to rigorous tests and very thorough checks to ensure the quality of the condom by analyzing each of the procedures that are performed. 

How are Control condoms made? 

The production process of Control condoms is divided into two phases: 

The latex is first extracted from the Hevea Brasiliensis (rubber tree), then, once harvested, it is purified, stored and shipped to the factory, where it is processed in a highly controlled environment. To avoid any type of contamination, the staff wear clothing similar to those used in operating theaters and the air in the rooms is constantly filtered and purified. 

The condom then takes shape in the dipping stage, where a glass mold is dipped into temperature-controlled latex tubs, then re-emerged and rotated to ensure even distribution of the material. Once dry, the condoms are washed again and the testing phase begins. 

First, passing through a high voltage electric field to identify the presence of holes or areas of uneven thickness is a test that is performed on all condoms manufactured to ensure that only condoms without leaks or holes are placed on the market. A few samples are then taken for further quality control on metrics such as length, width and thickness. 

Furthermore, to verify the absence of micro-holes, these samples are filled with water at room temperature to discover any liquid leaks. However, to test the strength, condoms are tested by measuring their volume and burst pressure. Other condoms, on the other hand, are artificially aged by exposure to a temperature of 70ºC for 168 hours, 50ºC for 90, 120 and 180 days in the design phase and 30ºC for the entire life of the product (5 years) to verify its stability. .. 

Control condoms far exceed current regulations 

The resistance values of Control condoms far exceed those required by current regulations, reaching up to 113% more in volume and up to 86% more in terms of pressure. Once all tests have been passed, the products are packaged in a highly controlled environment, with a very effective air filtration system. Each condom is also sealed in a foil wrap that prevents potential microbiological contamination and protects against light and oxygen by adding silicone lubricant immediately prior to sealing. 

Quality has distinguished Control brand products for decades, however it must not replace personal care and attention to the correct use of condoms: make sure that the CE mark is present on the packaging, be wary of imitations, keep them away from heat sources, always check the expiry date and in the case of toys, gels or lubricants, use only compatible products. 

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