How does the relationship with your partner change after giving birth?

Are you in full turmoil after giving birth and wondering how your relationship will change? No problem, it's a question that grips many first-time parents. 

Things change is inevitable, but don't worry: in this article we will give you 4 tips on how to deal with life as a couple after giving birth, to make the change pleasant and positive!

1 - Keep communication open

First of all, keep communication open. There is nothing worse than keeping your worries or frustrations to yourself in such a delicate moment. 

Speak freely about your emotional state, your needs and your desires. Open up to your partner. Only in this way can you help each other, understand what you are going through, and find the best way to support each other. 

2- Give yourself some time

It's normal to feel exhausted after giving birth, both physically and emotionally, for both of you. Don't feel you have to and don't expect yourself or your partner to always be in a good mood. 

 Dedicate yourself some quality time, both alone and as a couple, pamper yourself, try to carve out some romantic moments. Or even, more simply, try to carve out time just for you: to nourish the couple relationship (and your happiness) you must go back to being individuals, not just parents. 

3 - Need help? Ask for it 

Are you feeling in trouble? Seek help from family, friends or even professionals if you need support. You can ask for help to lighten the daily "work", such as cooking, cleaning, tidying up or doing the laundry, so you can focus all your energies on parenting.  

You can ask for help to carve out moments of personal care such as taking a shower in peace or catching up on some sleep, or why not enjoy an outing as a couple when both of you you will feel ready. In short, getting help to relieve stress and fatigue is perfectly normal, and can greatly improve the quality of your relationship.

4 - Embrace your postpartum sexuality

There's nothing wrong with not feeling ready for sex right after giving birth. The body and mind have undergone a great change and it takes time to recover. Wait until you feel ready and then freely communicate your needs and desires with your partner, always respecting the other's times and feelings. 

The postpartum period is a time of great transformation in the relationship with your partner: you have to adapt to a new lifestyle, face new difficulties and new challenges. But if this change is inevitable, only you can decide the direction in which to go.

Embrace the change in sexuality as in everyday life. Communicate your desires, your fears and your emotions. Spend quality time with each other, be empathetic and understanding, and enjoy every moment of your new life together!

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