Foreplay: let's talk about it

Foreplay: Most of us think of them as an appetizer, never as a main course. What if instead we tried to imagine dedicating ourselves to ourselves * and partners with all our energies on the most extensive sexual organ, which is the skin? 

Perhaps we might discover that a feather tickling our nipples or a heated gel in our hands and smeared between the neck and shoulders can give us ecstatic pleasure.

Any advice on how to approach foreplay? Let's change perspective!

We create a welcoming and exciting environment that shows the care we have given it. This means something very different for each of us: we could think about decluttering, cleaning and changing the bedspread; or to a great classic like candles and incense; or think of something unusual, perhaps changing the location from the bedroom to the living room, creating a soft corner with cushions and fabrics. My advice is to limit the light to the maximum and not have too intrusive background music, to allow us to explore the other senses with greater intensity. 

Let's think of small aids that can open us to the exploration of sensations: every object is potentially erotic, starting from our hands. Our absolute favorites are the feathers (which can give orgasms without almost touching the body) or the scented massage gels, warmed in the hands or poured from above onto the back, or the stimulators to be used on the whole body. 

Let's start the so-called foreplay by undressing (or if we are at the first meetings and we still don't feel like it, let's start with a soft approach by discovering the areas that make us feel mutually confident). The next step is to explore the skin starting from unusual areas or areas that may not immediately catch our attention. Then move on to the "evergreens" and places that we know our partner likes (the neck, nipples, lower abs, back, from the shoulders to the crook of the buttocks...). In this wonderful erotic discovery massage, an ultra-sensorial gel can help us, such as this gel with luxurious almond milk. The fundamental thing is to learn to "read" and to communicate, to always give a positive turn to the interaction. 

Password: slowness. We must keep in mind that these preliminaries are the main course and we can enjoy them to our fill. Let's try to linger over every slightest shiver, every skin reaction, let's try to imagine what our next move might be to amplify the sensations to the maximum. Let's try to breathe with our partner, mouth to mouth, while our hands travel with each other and lead us to ecstasy. We use our lips and mouth and tongue (yes, because all our gels are safe even if ingested and have an excellent taste) in a continuous and relentless pursuit.

Then we take a break. Let's enjoy the silence. The gazes in the half-light. 


Will penetrative intercourse come or not? But does it really matter? Because in this wonderful journey it is only we, together with our partners, who decide the boundaries of our mutual pleasure. 


The largest sexual organ is the skin. Touch it more. #touchme 

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