L-Spot And Prostate Massage

We hear a lot about that magical and slightly mysterious place, women's G-spot (or “CUV area” according to recent discoveries), the key to perfect sexual pleasure. What if we told you that men have their own G-spot, too?

That's right: it's called L-spot, and we know where it is, what it looks like, and also how to stimulate it. But first things first.

The male G-spot, called L-spot, is located in the perianal area, around the prostate, the gland responsible for producing semen.

Stimulating this area is called a ‘prostatic massage’ and its benefits go much beyond male sexual pleasure.

In fact, a prostatic massage can:

  • help to achieve more intense and longer orgasms as compared to “classical” ones
  • boost sexual pleasure and overcome erection problems 
  • help to eliminate the residue that accumulates inside the prostate gland
  • promote the recovery of healthy blood circulation in that area

There are two types of prostatic massage: an external massage and an internal massage.
The external massage is rather easy to do: it's possible to stimulate the L-point from the outside by applying some gentle pressure on the perianal area, massaging it slowly and steadily.

To reach maximum pleasure through external stimulation, try the 2-in-1 Mediterranean Sea gel: thanks to its soft and silky texture, and its fresh fragrance recalling the Mediterranean sea, it will make the massage even more pleasurable.

The most effective and comprehensive method, but also the most delicate one, is the internal prostatic massage. This technique consists in massaging the prostate from the inside, using a finger (usually the index finger) or dedicated male sex toys. Once you reach the prostatic gland, at a depth of about 5 to 7 cm, you can massage it using delicate repeated movements, thus stimulating the L-point in the most direct and intense way possible.

In order to make the internal prostatic massage even more pleasurable, we advise using the LUB GEL ALOE lubricant, which combines aloe's moisturising and refreshing properties with the gel's lubricant action.

Despite all those misconceptions that tend to simplify and trivialise men's sexual life, male excitement is more nuanced and complex than we might think. Indeed, practices such as prostatic stimulation clash with certain notions of virility, and all its related stereotypes and prejudices, which can have a negative impact on men by arbitrarily precluding full sexual pleasure and self-understanding.

Knowing oneself and one's body, as well as the partner's body, openly sharing fears, insecurities, curiosities and fantasies, are all essential elements to enjoy an informed, free and happy sexuality.

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