Wild Nature Massage Gel

Available in: Italy, Spain, Portugal

Three times more pleasurable.

The 3-in1 Wild Nature massage gel unleashes moments of intoxicating passion, thanks to its innovative triple action, with massaging, lubricating and stimulating effect. The unique cap with 5 massage spheres enhances the pleasant energising effect of the black tea aroma.

Ideal for sensual massages on all areas of the body, thanks to the innovative massage cap and its soft, silky texture. It is water-based, hypo-allergenic, and free from phenoxyethanol and parabens.

Wild Nature does not stain, can be ingested in small amounts and is compatible with the use of condoms.

When used with silicone toys, it helps you to explore new horizons of sensation, and provides even more intense pleasure.

Technical information:

  • Size: 200 ml
  • Composition: 99.4% natural ingredients, water-based, no sugars, parabens or phenoxyethanol
  • Texture: Soft and silky
  • Colour: transparent
  • Aroma: Black tea
  • Characteristics: Cap with five massage spheres


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