Finissimo Ultrafeel

Available in: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Georgia, UAE, Oman

For those who love to experience every sensation.

When the sensations are this special, you don't want to miss a single one. 30% finer than the other models in the Control range, Ultra Feel 0.04 mm is the thinnest condom in the range, enabling every second of passion to be experienced in the most intense way.

Technical information:

  • Size: 10 condoms
  • Material: Natural latex
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Characteristics: Very thin
  • Effect: High sensitivity
  • Lubrication: Standard silicone-based
  • Shape: Cylindrical with parallel sides
  • Thickness: 0.044 mm
  • Length: 185 mm
  • Width: 52 mm


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