Aloe Vera Condoms

Available in: Italy, Spain, Portugal

The first condoms that really love the V. Moisturising, soothing and extra lubricated thanks to the properties of Aloe Vera, they take care of your V like no other.

With a focus on the sensations of both members of the couple, they facilitate penetration and make every intimate moment a truly feel-good experience.

Technical information:

  • Size: 10pcs Material: Natural latex
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Characteristics: Extra-lubrication with Aloe Vera
  • Effect: Moisturising and soothing
  • Lubrication: Standard silicone-based with Aloe Vera 2%
  • Shape: Adapta Anatomical
  • Length: 190 mm
  • Width: 54 mm

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