Games And Sexual Activities To Explore

Erotic games are an excellent way to discover yourself, both in physical and psychological terms. Feeling curious about exploring one's sexuality through unusual erotic practices is absolutely normal; it's what leads you to experience new sensations, using tools and objects, different temperatures, clothes, stories.

  • Erotic games to explore

There are very many sexual activities, including BDSM (bondage and discipline/domination and submission/sadism and masochism), which can be subdivided into two macro categories:
- role-play, which is pretending to be someone else;
- sensation play, which comprises all activities focused on sensations.
This kind of exploration is much wider than what you might think and it often includes a fetish element, that is, an object, material and/or activity that turns you on.

  • Hot games to explore

Usually, you would begin to explore a particular desire, a fantasy that titillates you.
The world of “unusual” sexual activities is incredibly wide. It ranges from mainstream activities, such as spanking or racy language, to games that can also include deep psychological aspects, such as domination (being top, mistress or master, etc.) and submission (being bottom, slave, etc.).

First of all, before experiencing any of these sexual activities, you should ask yourself what kind of exploration you wish to undertake and which sensations you want to experience.
Domination, for example, involves feeling power over your partner, but maybe you'd rather experience some physical pain, and in this case you can experiment with more physical games (such as masochism), using tools, different temperatures, restraint. Some enjoy the feeling they experience by pretending to be a pet, such as a dog or a cat – being petted or groomed or even fully dress up and use object such as bowls.

  • What are these games?

There's no comprehensive list – every fantasy gives rise to its own games, which can all be very different precisely because everyone has different passions, fantasies and desires. What's important is to indulge your fantasies while being aware that it's all just role-play.

This kind of exploration doesn't necessarily involve penetrative sex and doesn't need to end in orgasm or include genital stimulation, which is one of the most common misconceptions.
The beauty of these games lies precisely in the fact that they stimulate your imagination.
Your body is an excellent physical means to explore your fantasies.

The most common practices include:

  • Wax play (games involving wax);
  • Bondage (ropes, scarves, handcuffs, etc.);
  • Role-play (e.g. domination and submission);
  • Tickling (with feathers, small brushes, nails).

These are just some examples of how you can explore alternative types of sexuality.

But, basically, in order to fully discover yourself you just need a good amount of curiosity and imagination!

Article by Marta Santospirito – Specialised in kinky sexuality and bondage teacher.

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